L0001 Writing With Semicolons

L0002 How To Apply Colons And Semi-Colons

L0003 How To Use Mind Map

L0004 GCSE English Top 5 Writing Tips: Vocabulary Choice

L0005 Great Lesson Ideas – GCSE English – Building Confidence in Extended Writing

L0006 Five Tips for Writing – Part One, Planning and Paragraphing

L0007 English – Writing Skills: Planning Your Writing

L0008 Effective Writing Skills /

L0009 The Seven Steps to Effective Writing

L0010 How to Write an Effective Essay

L0011 Reading Comprehension in English

L0012 Advanced English Grammar ESL Lesson – Conditionals

L0013 English Grammar – SO & NEITHER

L0014 English Grammar – DO & MAKE – “Did you make your bed?

L0015 English Grammar – Being& Been

L0016 Subject and Verb Agreement

L0017 English – Subject/Verb Agreement

L0018 What is a compound sentence

L0019 What is a complex sentence?

L0020 What is a clause?

L0021 What is an adjective clause?

L0022 Although & even though

L0023 Due to

L0024 Consequently

L0025 Would + have + the past participle (a)

L0026 (Be) supposed to _

L0027 Would rather

L0028 Would rather and would prefer!

L0029 English Grammar: Conditional & Imaginary – IF, WILL, WOULD, WERE

L0030 Polite English – WANT & WOULD LIKE

L0031 GCSE Language paper two-tip from the examiners

L0032 Preparing for the Mock English Language IGCSE

L0034 Examinations

L0035 GCSE (from 2010)English Literature – J360

L0036 OCR GCSE English literature exam paper unit 244101

L0037 OCR GCSE English literature exam paper unit 244102

L0038OCR GCSE English literature exam paper unit 244102

L0039 (GCSE exam papers etc)English Literature – 1901

L0040 Blood brothers GCSE English Literature revision

L0040  English Literature GCSE Revision – Blood Brothers

L0041  Plot: Blood Brothers by Willy Russell | English Literature – Making a Scene


L0043 A Christmas Carol – Part 1  

L0044 A Christmas Carol – Part 1    Video episodes Part 1-9