Key stage 1


Acc.No  Key stage one video clip collections
ks10001 Key Stage 1 Maths: Multiplication
ks10002 Key Skills – Numeracy (6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables)
ks10003 Great Lesson Ideas – Primary English – Speaking and Listening Activities
ks10004 Key Stage 1/2 Maths – Goodbye SAT’s, Hello Assessment
ks10005 Key Stage 1 Literacy – Laying the Foundations
ks10006 Key Stage 1 Maths: Division
ks10007 What is keystage 1?
ks10008 Key Stage 1 Maths: Addition
ks10009 Raising Standards in Maths in Key Stage 1, early years and special schools
ks10010 Key Stage 1 Numeracy – Teaching Place Value
ks10011 Literacy – The Whole Story: KS1 Teachers
ks10012 Book for Key stage 1 & 2 Start a Reading revolution in your school!
ks10013 Using picture books with Key Stage 1 children: Character
ks10014 How two schools encourage early reading in pupils
ks10015 Sharing picture books: talking about mood
ks10016 Teachers TV: KS1/2 English – Synthetic Phonics
ks10017 KS1/2 English – The Multilingual School
ks10018 KS1/2 English – Training Teachers for Reading Recovery
ks10019 Great Lesson Ideas – Primary English – Writing Activities
ks10020 KS1/2 English – A Good Read – Man on the Moon
ks10021 Primary science lesson mixing biology with song
ks10022 Using Music to Teach Science
ks10023 Great Lesson Ideas – Primary English – Writing Activities
ks10024 English in Primary School
ks10025 English courses for primary school teachers, Australia
ks10026 Teaching English Grammar
ks10027 Phonics Video: sound of the Alphabet
k10028 Intervention Strategies – Early Intervention in Primary Schools
ks10029 teaching science in english primary school
ks40030  Scientific literacy in primary school

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