Add the Full Stops

L.O. To understand where full stops need to go

In each piece of writing identify the noun and what it is doing. This should help you understand where a full stop goes.


scarlet made her way down the steps to the beach her dog ran behind her wagging its tail when she got to the bottom of the steps scarlet ran to the sea


the waves were breaking on the rocks scarlet decided to make a huge sandcastle her brother came to help her.


the tide began to come in the waves came over the sandcastle and washed it away scarlet and her brother went home


jacob stood on the riverbank watching the boats go by he waved to the people as they went past the engines made a quiet chugging noise


mrs hall got the paints out of the store room she put some on each table connor covered the tables with newspaper then karrina gave out the aprons


the old woman sat on the bench she watched the people as they went past on their way to work it began to rain the old woman got up and went home


L.O. To put in full stops and capital letters correctly

In each piece of text identify where the full stops and capital letters go. Re-write the sentences correctly in your book.


pandas are members of the bear family they have black and white fur giant pandas are one of the world’s rarest mammals a young panda is called a cub


beavers are rodents that live in North America they can live in water and on land they are powerful swimmers and can stay underwater for up to fifteen minutes a baby beaver is called a kit kits learn to swim when they are about one month old


bottlenose dolphins send messages to each other they do this by squeaking, whistling or slapping their tails on the water dolphins are mammals like us and breathe air like we do they have a poor sense of smell but very good hearing



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