English Grammar

ks20028 Double negatives  1
Double Negatives 2[Double Negatives 3]
ks20029 Making Negatives
ks20030 Types of nouns 1   [Nouns, Proper Nouns & Names2]
ks20031 Proper Nouns, Common Nouns and Pronouns[3]
ks20032 Nouns and pronouns1  [What are nouns2] [Proper Nouns3]
ks20033 Word Classes1 [Irregular Verbs]2
ks20035 Adjectives 1[What are Adjectives2] [All about Adjectives3 ]
ks20036 Prepositions, articles and conjunctions
ks20037 Full stops, question and exclamation marks [Commas] [Apostrophes]
ks20038 Two vowels together   [ Hard and soft consonants] [Singular and plural] [Prefixes] [Suffixes] [
ks20039 Grammar and punctuation revision
ks20040 What Is a Compound Adjective?
ks20041 Compound Adjective
ks20042 Parts of Speech Tutorial
ks20043 Word Types1  [Don't Use Said2]
ks20044  Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives

What is an adverb?

ks20046 Year 3 English  [Year 4 English ] [Year 5 English ] [Year 6 English]
ks20047 Adverbs – Key Stage 2 Literacy
ks20048 Conjunction1[Types of Conjunctions2][Conjunctions3]
ks20049  What are conjunctions of time?1[Conjunctions I activity2]
ks20050 Conjunctions [Subordinating conjunctions[List of Conjunctions]
ks20051 [What is a Verbs 1] [Activity2] [Activity 3][Activity 4]
ks20052 [Sentences Beginning with Coordinating Conjunctions]
ks20053 [Kinds of conjunctions3][Conjunctions for complex sentences]
ks20054 [What is a conjunction?4][lists of conjunction]
ks20070 Punctuation and spelling Paper 1: questions

Subject heading[

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